“God’s Anointed Ministries” by Glenda Fields

Glenda Fields

God’s Anointed Ministries by Glenda Fields show featured Glenda Fields as an author, business owner, minister and co-owner of ASWIFTT Writer’s Guild. Glenda Fields also educated our listeners about God’s Anointed Ministries and her role as Co-Founder with her husband Rufus Fields. Glenda discussed her newly released books and her upcoming projects.  You can find out more about Glenda Fields by going to www.godsanointedministries.com.

If you missed the show go to www.blogtalkradio.com/aswifttradio  or www.aswifttwritersguild.com  and click on Member Published Works to listen. For more information on this show call ASWIFTT RADIO host Brenda Johnson Padgitt at 1-866-302-0508 Ext. 3030.  

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