The Importance Of Breath Awareness

Calm Focus JoyJoin ASWIFTT RADIO Host Brenda Diann Johnson on September 12, 2021 at 1 pm CST, 2 pm EST and 11 am PST as she interviews author Heidi Thompson about her book “Calm, Focus, Joy: The Power of Breath Awareness.” Heidi is an artist, author and teacher who lives in Coldstream, British Columbia. She studied art in Europe and when she returned home, she worked as a photographer, publisher, writer, teacher and fine artist.

Heidi practices breath awareness, an ancient Vipassana meditation technique. She practiced this technique for more than thirty years. After experiencing many benefits including better health, creativity and happiness, she was inspired to help children. In 1996, she pioneered an attention development program called Mindmastery and was one of the first to teach breath awareness to children in public schools in Canada. Heidi currently conducts breath awareness workshops and lectures and spends time painting and exhibiting internationally.

     Brenda is a mother, grandmother, author, publisher, educator, entrepreneur, radio host, speakerbrenda-johnson-padgitt38-21 and above all a humble servant of God. She is the founder of ASWIFTT PUBLISHING, LLC which is the parent company of ASWIFTT RADIO, ASWIFTT Television, ASWITT Journal and ASWIFTT Records. She enjoys writing and spending time with her daughters, Diamond and Kamille and her grandson, Bryson. Ms. Johnson’s life mission is to use the creative talents God gave her in writing, teaching and speaking to not only have self-fulfillment but to also have an impact on the audience God has predestined for her.

heidithompsonHeidi was born in Vernon, a small town in West Canada. She travelled to Switzerland in the early 1970’s and trained as a photographer at the University of Art & Design in Zurich. She moved to Germany and continued her fine art studies at the Akademie der Bildene Kunste in Nurnberg. Here she studied painting and drawing for one year before relocating to Budapest where she attended the Hungarian Art Academy for a final year of art. After completing her art training, Heidi returned to Canada and worked as a freelance painter and photographer in Vernon. Over the years she has exhibited her paintings and photographs in numerous exhibitions in Canadian and US galleries and museums. In 1984, she married Edward Thompson, a guitar builder.

   For information about “The Importance Of Breath Awareness,” contact ASWIFTT RADIO Host, Brenda Diann Johnson at: aswifttradionews@yahoo.com or visit: http://www.aswifttradio.net

   To contact Heidi Thompson email: htcthompson@hotmail.com

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