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Sermons By Pastor Rufus Fields Airs Every Friday

Join us each Friday at 2 pm CST on ASWIFTT RADIO online on our YouTube Channel: aswifttradio to listen to the broadcast “Sermons by Pastor Rufus Fields.” Every Friday Pastor Rufus Fields will deliver a powerful message to the masses. Pastor Fields messages are timely, encouraging and life changing.

Rufus Fields is the pastor of Global Harvest Kingdom Church in Desoto, Texas and co-founder of God’s Anointed Ministries along with his wife Glenda Fields. He is a father of two sons. He is also a psalmist, preacher, author, teacher, motivational speaker, and visionary. The love, peace, compassion and power of God’s Word is revealed through the anointed melodious sounds of Rufus. His vocal style and range exhibits soothing balm that brings peace that surpasses all understanding, yet it penetrates the inner walls of every soul, broken, bond, bruised, shattered, and wounded soaring heights that can destroy every stronghold, break every yoke, and chain of bondage of the enemy to the glory of God the Father.

Rufus has ministered prophetic logos, and right now rhema across the country from the choir to the pulpit, from the workplace to various platforms demonstrating the Word of God with power, authority, and clarity, showing that it is as effective today as it was yesterday in all the world and the church alike. For more information on Pastor Rufus Fields and his sermons you can contact him by e-mail at:


You can check http://www.aswifttradio.net for upcoming shows. You can also e-mail us at: aswifttradionews@yahoo.com to give us your feedback on the show. Thank you for tuning in and listening to our program.

Today’s Featured Sermon:


Finding Your “PURPOSE”

The Beginning Of Her StoryJoin ASWIFTT RADIO Host Brenda Diann Johnson on Nov 21, 2021 at 1 pm CST, 2 pm EST and 11 am PST as she interviews Crystal Ann Mitchell about her book titled “The Beginning Of Her Story.” The books is a fictional book that focuses on the main character whose name is Meagan Guy. The events are told through regular appointments with her psychologist, Dr. Martin. With many struggles, Meagan keeps her faith in God. She walks by her faith and not by sight. In her sessions we learn about her life, loss, love, birth, financial issues and relationship struggles. She takes each issue in stride while moving forward as best she can. Meagan believes no matter how hard life gets, you must always have faith in God. 

Crystal Ann Mitchell, is a nurse’s aide who has a love for helping people.  SheCrystal Mitchell2 believes everyone is born with a gift.  While working for others, she also pursued her own dreams and goals.  From childhood, Mitchell dreamed of becoming a writer.  She enjoys spending time with her children, family, and friends.  Mitchell is from Lexington, Kentucky. 

brenda-johnson-padgitt38-21Brenda is a mother, grandmother, author, publisher, educator, entrepreneur, radio host, speaker and above all a humble servant of God. She is the founder of ASWIFTT PUBLISHING, LLC which is the parent company of ASWIFTT RADIO, ASWIFTT Television, ASWITT Journal and ASWIFTT Records. She enjoys writing and spending time with her daughters, Diamond and Kamille and her grandson, Bryson. Ms. Johnson’s life mission is to use the creative talents God gave her in writing, teaching and speaking to not only have self-fulfillment but to also have an impact on the audience God has predestined for her.

For more information about the show “Finding Your PURPOSE” contact ASWIFTT RADIO Host, Brenda Diann Johnson at: aswifttradionews@yahoo.com or visit: http://www.aswifttradio.net

    To contact Crystal Ann Mitchell email:  crystalannmitchell21@gmail.com

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